Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's spring baby!

What a beautiful first day of spring. We woke up early to enjoy the morning cool breeze and play with the dogs and then walked up to the new coffee shop, Cafe Soul. The barista was a young guy imported from Louisiana, where he attended culinary school, who made us some delish ice coffees to take on our morning walk. Cafe Soul will be doing live music at 8 this evening, so we may be venturing back this evening for some dessert, coffee, and tunes. We had a nice warm and sunny walk back home and are getting ready to head to Wally World for some bird seed, ect. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! Off to shop:)
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Note that I'm just fixing this. Saturday was my first time attempting to post from my phone. Hopefully it will go more smoothly next time....although I tried so many different ways that I'm not sure which way is the one that worked. Haha.

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