Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mod Podge DOES Rock!!

I finally decided to take a stab at a Mod Podge project of my own. I have been watching all of the fun projects post to a blog I follow, Mod Podge Rocks!. There are TONS of cool and crafty ideas posted on this blog. I've heard varying opinions on Mod Podge but I really enjoyed the project and thought it turned out pretty cute too!

I started out with a small child's bench that the neighbors' little one had out grown. I imagine she probably displayed her stuffed animals on it.  We've been looking at and pricing dog food stands but they are just so darn pricey for what they are..if you know what I mean. So Mr. Bliss cut two holes into the seat of the bench to fit our metal dog food dishes. That was a stopping point for a little bit. I had not decided how I wanted to decorate the stand.

Here it is white and ugly but working perfectly:

I then decided to paint it a shiny black.. improving...

While the bench was drying I got to work on my letters and designs to be Mod Podged onto the back and top of the bench. I purchased a large Mod Podge "Matte" from Michael's, along with a cool pad of pretty paper. Total cost was under $10. I used cheap paper letter stencils(can be found at Lowe's or Walmart) to trace out the names of each dog and then carefully cut them out with my exacto knife.

I then went online and found some dog paw images via google and printed them out as a guide. This part took me the longest b/c I was being very picky and wanted smooth little paw pads. Small circles with the exacto knife were a little bit harder than the letters for me.

Once I had all of my letters and paw pieces cut out I started playing around with the layout. When I had it like I wanted it I pasted the letters and paws onto the back of the bench. I used a 1" sponge brush and some Mod Podge making sure they were secure and exactly where I wanted them. Then I applied coat after coat of Mod Podge, letting each dry completely before applying another, until I thought they were nicely sealed. Lastly, I Mod Podged some trimmed up pages of my pretty paper to the section where the bowls rest..... and voila!!

Our very own personalized dog food stand. Isn't it grand!!

More Mod Podge fun in the works including washer jewelry and a fancy lamp shade:) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it. Was just thinking my dog's feeder needed some jazzing up!

  2. Oh My Gosh! This is adorable! My dog Louie is 5 years old and I have been thinking that I should get him a bench type feeder but like you, I think they are way too expensive. I am going to bookmark this and show it to my hubby! I think I could make this! Thanks so much for showing this project, the great thing is that you can decorate it to go with your kitchen or wherever you put it. Just great!

  3. @ Ericka-Thanks! It was lots of fun to design.
    @ Christine- they are insanely priced!! You could def. do it. Fun weekend project for sure! and you can make it fit in any design scheme:)Lots of inexpensive and cute paper options at Michael. Would love for you ladies to follow my blog. More crafting projects in the making. Have a great day!

  4. Makes me want to make a food bench for Truman now! Brilliant blog Ann I love it! x

  5. Mod Podge does rock! And Cooper would like one of those for Xmas!!! LOL!