Friday, June 11, 2010

Ello again!

A catch up on what the past couple of weeks have entailed.....

Lots and lots of gardening and yardwork with spectacular results- beautiful flowers and beds and birds and herbs and veggies...oh my!:)

A tense evening of searching for my best friend...Mr. Clyde..who went on a 5 hour journey of which only he knows all of the details. I know that while he was doing his thing I went from calm, to concerned, to worried, to ...quick put signs up b/f it gets dark..., emergency vet and pound calls, and lastly tears. I'd just given up hope of finding him for the night when the phone rang. He had made it across a four lane highway and quite a few neighborhoods on his big adventure and ended up on a strangers porch unable to walk with bleeding front paws. This led to a trip to the emergency vet that lasted until 1a.m. and finally me making it into bed with this pitiful little guy way past my bed time- It was all worth it just to know he was safe at home in bed and going to be ok. 

 One of the most fun things was my boyfriend and I cooking tuna steaks with our fresh home grown herbs and enjoying the fruits of our labor:):)- Yummo!

Happy Friday! Have a GREAT weekend!

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